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Excellence and Innovation in care and early childhood education distinguishes our nursery and pre-kindergarten in downtown Zug. 

Bilingual Mama childcare® takes care of and educates children in small groups of the same age. We address the needs of the children according to the phases of their development and avoid overtaxing and undertaxing. 

Our 500 m2 spacious sunlit premises provide an excellent environment. Age groups are: babies, toddlers, two year olds, and three year old and upwards – all of them get care and attention in their age groups. Upon reaching a certain age level, the children will smoothly enter the next age group and receive care and the programme appropriate to their age. 

We admit children from 3 months old up to 5,5 years old.

For pedagogical reasons a child has to attend Mama childcare  at least 2 full days or 4 half days.

Our teams solve issues promptly and on site. Mama childcare takes care of and develops its people, for we know: happy teachers - happy children!


Modules you may choose from are as follows:

full day  7am - 7pm  or  8am - 5pm 

half day with lunch 7am - 1.30pm or 12.30pm - 7 pm

half day without lunch 7am - 12.30 pm or 1.30pm - 7pm

                          We offer you more

Child care on weekends,  per hour or the entire day.       Yes! To allow time for you to pursue your plans unhindered, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Child care in the summer,                                                 vacation or for a certain period.

                                     Full Board Service

Home made food, gym, art studio, piano music corner, nursery and nap rooms, playing and learning rooms are all in one and the same place. The garden completes the environment!  




Age Groups

Mama childcare offers age-specific development paths  for each age group of small children.


Babies from 3 months old are the priority at Mama childcare. Large separate rooms with the detached nap rooms and quality furnishings replicate a home atmosphere.  We are fond of Emmi Pikler for small children and Infant Handling touching, aimed at correct warmth giving and care for babies. The maximum group size is 7 babies. We provide all baby hygiene articles  for free.


When babies start making the first steps, they enter a new development phase and need to be educated accordingly. We focus on developing their motoric skills, which implies - lots of movement! We have space, relevant toys and wooden equipment to support toddlers in their growing. Our garden has exclusive facilities for babies and toddlers to explore the world in their own pace. the maximum group size is 7 toddlers.


Mama childcare offers a unique curriculum for children between the ages of 2 and 3, called the Minis. The Minis are grouped according to their development pace and level. The maximum group size is 10 children.


Our programme for kids over 3 years old, called the Midis,  focuses on developing a child as a member of a larger groups, understanding the interaction between the group members and finding its place in the group. Besides the subjects, the Midis learn about Switzerland and eventually about the country of their origin. 


Our curriculum for the Maxis, the children from 4 to 5,5  years old incorporates elements from the Swiss public educational programme and parts from well-known private institutions in Europe to ease your children into their start at the cantonal or the multinational private schools. An after-school care programme is curretnly under development.



At Mama childcare children learn about personal hygiene, to be bilingual, social behaviour, the world around us and about Switzerland, as well as basics in math, science and arts. All this takes place in a playful, encouraging and supportive atmosphere at our Mama childcare…second home.


We apply the Early Childhood Education curriculum. We bring "Learning through Play" to our children. The timetables are available for each age group of children. Our concept combines elements of conventional child care and education needed in modern society. 

Literacy and Communication

English and German are the communication and teaching languages at Mama childcare taught by native speakers only.

 Math and Science

Learning shapes, space, measures and numbers. Learning about different material and substances and experimenting with them indoors and outdoors in our garden.  

  Understanding the World and Experiments

People and communities. Technologies. Our garden is created for experimenting with water, sand, soil, plants, stones, and wood. Children just love it!

  Arts, Music und Matinees  

From the toddler age we are offering short music classes, for the children to learn to listening to the genuine piano music and singing with the music teacher. 
We also produce kids plays and make kids theater. All this develops speaking abilities, memory and imagination. 
We acknowledge the importance of integrating those arts in child´s development at the early stage.

To learn more about our programmes, please contact us.




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